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Merge with small informal fellowship

Fumble Fingers

New Member
We at "Friendship Circle" fellowship are open to the idea of joining another small like-minded fellowship to combine our numbers for better results. We currently only have 9 members with 5 who fought in the last tournament. Please get in touch if you'd like to merge.

Here is our fellowship description:
We are a bunch of players some of whom have played together in fellowships before but welcome new players. Most of us are here to see what new features there are in the Beta version of Elvenar. There is no pressure to achieve any particular goals but it would be nice to help each other move forward with our cities and to let the group know if you are going to be away from the game for more than a few days. With that in mind here are a few expectations:

1) Support each other through:
a) information sharing
b) Fair trading (only two and three star offers please)
c) polite chatting
d) donating to each others' Ancient Wonder research
e) visit fellowship members to offer neighborly help as often as possible
2) try to get onto the game several times a week at least, daily works well if you have the time.
3) Try to contribute to the Fellowship Adventures but don't feel you have to spend all your saved resources (especially diamonds)

Fumble Fingers

New Member
Addendum: In case you had not noticed, we use English in our description. That's because we are predominantly English speakers. We don't want to exclude anyone who is not a native speaker of English but thought you should know in case it matters to you.