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Manufactory leveling is not very efficient


I post it in feedback, because I think it is not a bug, just a bit odd concept.

So I have 4 lvl. 3 and 1 lvl. 4 Marble Manufactory in my city. I just wanted to calculate, how many coins and supplies is one piece of marble is worth. My thought was that with higher level manufactory, the marble price per piece should be lower. (Because in the same amount of time, you produce more, even for a little more money/supply.)

So my calculations went like this:
(Only calculated with 3 hour productions) (I have 123% boost)
On level 3:

For 100 coins and 10 supplies you get 12 pieces of marble. So you can say that you spend 8,3 coins and 0,83 supplies for each piece of marble. (Or you get 0,12 piece of marble for each piece of coin, and 1,2 piece of supply for each piece of marble.)

On level 4: (Still 3 hour production, same amount of boost.)

For 120 coins and 12 supplies you get 14 pieces of marble. So you spend 8,5 coins and 0,85 supplies on each piece of marble. (Or you get 0,116 piece of marble for 1 coin and 1,16 piece of marble for 1 supply.)

So you see, with the leveling, you have to spend more resources on goods so it's not motivating to upgrade my goods buildings.
I can't confirm this on further levels, and now I dont have lvl 1 buildings either. Can someone confirm it?

Or is it how it should be, and I'm just misunderstanding something? (There's a high chance of that. :))

Please tell me your opinions and experiences on this.


I'm not sure I understand what you think about. The numbers were gained with the same amount of bonus.

Zarok Dai

Well-Known Member
I was only trying to point out that each player gains a research boost for 1 good per tier or level of goods, and that is the good they focus on producing. But the research boost itself does not give a boost, it allows you to increase your boost for that good by gaining the relics on the map that apply to that good.
Now with that said, upgrading the level of a goods building does not increase your boost for the production of that good, it only increases the base number of goods the building can produce per hour or per production cycle. It is gaining relics that actually has the most impact on your overall production output of the base number of goods produced per hour or per day for the level of that building.
As for comparative information of cost to produce per unit based on varying building levels and various amounts of boost percentages from relics, I can't confirm all of that information at this time as the data needs to be assembled in an understandable format. As soon as I have this information I will be happy to make it available to those of you that are interested in it.
I do appreciate the effort you have put into the math so far though, it is great work on your part.


I think we have a little misunderstanding, I try to explain myself more clearly. :)

So... Currently I have Marble boost researched, that allows me to produce more marble. From relics I got up to 123% boost. The amount of boost doesn't change from one building to an other, so we could say, the boost amount is not what I'm concerned about.

What I said, that with leveling up the marble manufactory, the marble produced in a higher level manufactory is more expensive.
I built two more marble manufactories and upgraded one to lvl. 5, so i got some more data, i wrote them down here:

In editor, it looks nice: http://prntscr.com/5w16j5

Lvl. 3 hr producton coins/1 piece ofmarble supply/1 piece of marble
1 7 pcs 8.57 0.857
2 9 pcs 8.88 0.888
3 12 pcs 8.33 0.833
4 14 pcs 8.57 0.857
5 16 pcs 8.75 0.875

For these 5 levels you can see that leveling from lvl1 to lvl 2 is not worth it. You have the option to produce more marble, but you pay more for each marble. It's the same from lvl 3 to lvl 4 and 5. With each level, you pay more coins and supplies for each piece of marble. And the production boost didn't change over time.

So as I see now, It's worth to stay on lvl. 3 marble manufactories, and maybe have some more, because this way, it's cheaper, than having less, but higher level manufactories, that produce for more resources.

(My expectation was to have the coin/1 piece of marble ratio go like this:

Again, in editor: http://prntscr.com/5w16n0

Lvl. coins/1 piece of marble
1 9
2 8.8
3 8.6
4 8.4
5 8.2

(These numbers are totally made up, just so you can see, what I think it should be like.)

Of course it can happen, that I messed up somewhere, or simply I just still don't understand something. If that is the case, I apologize for it.

Thanks for your time and patience. :)


I think what you're seeing is in fact caused by the boost. The cost to produce an unboosted amount of the good is constant - each piece of a good is 20 coins and 2 supplies. The boost is then applied, giving you a fractional amount of production which is then rounded away. The cost is still for the unboosted amount, so the rounding in the boost will cause fluctuations in the cost per good.


You are probably right. Calculating back, to get the unboosted amounts it is around 20 coins/good and 2 supplies/good indeed.

Then just say I didn't say anythig.^^ :D