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Looking to Merge...or 7 active players.


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Hi! We are the Elvenar's Ancient Forest, though right now we are Elvenar's Forest Recruiting! Lol (It wouldn't all fit in the box) ;)
We are looking for 7 active players, or a small FS to merge with us. We carry NO inactives and we get 10+ chests weekly, and silver spire. We would love to get members who want to work towards Gold spire with us! We do ask that you get a minimum of 1k on tourney, though we all know that isn't hard. ;) We do FA's, but aren't fanatical about them. Most of us just like them, and we do complete them. Not a fan of the pit, so we take our time getting there. ;) We have active KP chains, and have long term experienced players, as well as smaller players. Trades don't sit in our trader, and we help each other. We are a diversified group from all over the globe, and we would love to have you on our team!
Contact me, buttrflwr, if you have a small active, motivated FS, or are just an active, motivated player! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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My wife and I are interested. We are both crawling thru fairies right now. WE both have smaller cities at the end of chapter 3 just biding our time and making some extra space before we hit chap 4.


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@cancermage Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. I meant contact me in game, I am not on the forum much during the week as I work long hours during the week. However, I have given up AM, so contact QueenR in game for membership. :) Thanks for your reply, sorry I wasn't clearer. Happy Gaming