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Looking for an active and relaxed fellowship


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i am a really new player in beta (about 4 days old). i have a score of 1063 points so far (a newbie) and my boosted goods are planks, scrolls and dust. i am looking for an active fellowship but at the same time i dont wish one where there are strict rules (as to demolish buildings for events, etc). i am speaking greek and english.
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Hi, what about us? Just now we can offer open places and so you are welcome. We always help newbies with knowledge and goods, along with tournaments and spire. Besides that, we have a good ambitious guild, but we dont want you to demolish your town for some prices. no no ;)

We are a german guild, but we have also members from southamerica and also australia. In chat we are swapping from normaly german to english, as soon as we recognize an english speaking member.

I already send you an invitation.