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User Interface List of your own AW and their progress

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Implement a list of your own Ancient Wonders including their progress.

I love the icons that allow you to click and go to anyones wonder and see all the info so you know where to donate without searching there city for them. However, you cant do that with your own wonders. I just realized today that I had a wonder thats been ready to upgrade for several days that I didnt know people had been donating to. It would be nice to have the same icon and ability to scroll threw your own wonders quickly to see how much KP has been invested in each without having to scroll around your city clicking on each one individually. Its not a big deal for newer cities. But the larger you get and the more wonders you have, the more useful this could be come.

This would make it easier to see which AW can be upgraded.

Possible downsides
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@Nsaplay78 you do have the ability in your city, if you press the hotkey 'A' it will bring up the full list of all your AW's


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The view of other people's AW is far superior to the view for your own AW. You can not see how many runes for the AW in looking at someone else's, which the view for your own if you scroll over the rune it does tell you how many you have. But, with your in city AW view you can not see level, if there are kp added, how many kp required, etc. It would be nice if that view was enabled beside your name in the FS membership list where you can see other teammate's AW.

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It's a "1st world problem" but it could be useful.


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Even better if we could set up a donate order. So people don't have to look for the wonders. I know there is the heart thing. But this could be the next level :)


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I do find the UI used for other people's AWs more useful than the UI for my own ('A').