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Question List of synergies or multiple effects of single actions?


Have any players made a list/spreadsheet identifying the multiple consequences, benefits, or synergies a single action or upgrade can have as players strategize cost benefits?

For just one example, upgrading your main hall not only improves neighborly help and raises your storage cap; it also increases the trader yield for seeds/unurium and improves the benefits from your tome of secrets, golden abyss, endless excavation, prosperity towers, elvenar trading center, sunset towers, and bulk trades from your bee trader. (Technically it also increases the culture output of sanctuary and watchtower ruins and the population output from golden abyss and mountain halls, but pretty much every building does that.)

I’d be up for making such a list if it doesn’t already exist (no need to reinvent the wheel!).

If I did make such a list/spreadsheet, would I share it in “Questions and Help?” (The description for "Questions and Help" says, “do you want to help others with your guides?”)

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
The basic idea is good and I use it already for a couple years on my private spreadsheet.
You need to use the right formulas on all your wonders to know how much they influence productions.
But keep in mind, it will become a very complex calculation.
I already use 7 tab sheets to keep track on:
  1. Current chapter I play with the tech tree in it and all the quests
  2. All the wonders there are, what I have placed and what level they are
  3. All evolution buildings, what stage they are on and chapter + all the set buildings I have placed
  4. My Mana, Seeds and Unurium productions
  5. All the tier 1-9 factories I have and what they produce
  6. A chapter specific calculation page for what I need to produce and how much I can do.
  7. A page for my army production and what I have
all these sheets refer to each other.
The reason why I won't share them is:
All the buildings I am using right now are in them in my native language and if I start removing them the sheets gets a lot of errors.
Same with the current chapter researches and quests for I rebuild those parts every new chapter I am working on
And the chapter specific calculations for the Dwarves-revenge of the exile are already destroyed due to the many errors I got on them when I wend to the next chapter.

To help you out on the complexity of the sheet.
Main hall level has influence on wonder production or were they have their influence on.
Some wonders have their influence on your population and culture.
the bonus culture has it influence on your gold and hammer productions.
And your gold production from your houses can also be used for Unurium production with the right wonder.
So every level up on a wonder, house, workshop factory has to be looked up in their own tables.
And don't forget the amount of scouted / conquered provinces for they have there influences as well.
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Dorfl the Clay

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@Bor de Wolf 1965 ... Respect for your effort, Bro, but 7 tabsheets? Are you kiddin me? And there I was, thinking a (self-developed) spreadsheet to properly be able to do a FS, was already asking a bit too much, just to play a game... If I wanted to study calculus, I would sign up for a degree!

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
I play this game for just over 4 years now and the sheets needed a lot of time to develop.
And for the Dutch BS I am playing in, I keep updating the event sheets, BSA sheets and a special tournament sheets.
For me it is just a couple minutes on the 3 extra sheets a day/weak but the BS is helped with it a lot and I feel useful.

The only special tracker I made for the BS is an online wonder level tracker and how many KP there are in them.
But again this page is in Dutch and need an update every new chapter that comes out.
And that one I can share and players have to make a copy of them their self and translate them to their own language.


@Bor de Wolf 1965 That's really impressive! Thank you for the suggestions. I think formulae calculations are beyond my capacity.

At the moment, I'm thinking the list would break down a single choice into three elements: 1.how a single choice has multiple consequences or benefits, 2.how that choice benefits from other choices, and 3.how that choice works together with other choices toward a shared goal (such as fighting or achieving culture bonus).

So, maybe something like:
Complete a Province
Relics (for boosted goods, magic academy spells, and early AW upgrades), rune shard, and knowledge point. It is required for province city expansions, unlocking new chapters, and some event quests. It benefits Endless Excavation (rune), improves trader seed pick-up, Crystal Lighthouse/ Great Bell Spire (standard goods), Dragon Abbey (mana), Dragon ark (sentient goods), Enar’s Embassy (mana), Heroes Forge (orcs), Maze (mana), and Oracle (sentient goods).

2.Benefits from: Squad size researches, Dragon Abbey (fighting), Fire Phoenix (fighting), Heroes Forge (fighting), Martial Monastery/Sanctuary (fighting), Needles (fighting), Temple of Toads (fighting), Twilight Phoenix (fighting), magic academy crafting (military buff buildings and pet food), cauldron military buffs, standard goods manufacturies (catering), armories (orc catering), Shrine of Champions (orc catering).

3.shared goal: You can use the same temporary military buff/pet feedings/cauldron buffs to fight in the spire or tournament at the same time as provinces. If so, you might also use Timewarp (tournament cooldown reduction), polar bear (tournament cooldown reduction), and timer instants on spire levels.

That is a bit long for a single entry, so I'm torn whether that's the right way to go or too much material.

EDIT: added Endless Excavation.
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