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User Interface Like Button for Fellowship Conversations


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like button.png

Bor de Wolf 1965

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As I used to be a GM in an other game a long time ago.
When you use the report a player button it will send the offending part with the report.
If that button is removed it is a hell of a job to find the right message back.

Now on the like button,
That makes me feel like I am on stalkerbook that I actively don't use.

Thunder Ray

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Now on the like button,
That makes me feel like I am on stalkerbook that I actively don't use.
So I guess you don't want anyone to "Like" this post or any of your posts since it's not important to you.
Does it actively effect you that there is a Like button here? Would it in the FS threads?
Would you be able to tolerate it if the majority want it?

Bor de Wolf 1965

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We were talking about the option in an FS mail conversation.
There it is in my opinion just stupid to have a like button.
Most people throw away the personal and group mails they have read and don't need any more.
And if you want to keep them, keep in mind that a chain mail of over 100 postings starts taking longer to load.
That is why FS that do the wonder train keeps renewing the trains when they get over 100 links in it.

The Like button here on the forum is a simple "I agree with what is written" button, And Inno games doesn't stalk me in what ever I do on the internet.


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As far as I understand, "like" here is actually "vote for" button, an attempt to add poll functionality to mail system. But that doesn't make a big sense as you can't tell if everybody even saw your message... Especially if you are waiting for response on some message at the middle of the thread.


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When you ask for feedback from your guildies by replying to your message, suddenly your message is buried and the last to reply has to scroll down at least 20 comments. Annoying.
When you have an interesting discussion, this Like button would avoid cluttering the thread with msg. like > OK, I agree aso.

a big +1 from me


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IMO other aspects to changes in the mail system have way more priority.
The message window is very small (height and width), unicode support is not complete, urls you need to copy/paste, only a litte bit of formatting (italic/bold) would increase readability for some messages, no pictures can be embeded, ....

That's why we use discord as a side messaging system for some members, but not the best solution.
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