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Duplicate Leaving fellowship while you have progress in tournament -> stream error

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Game version: v1.21.2-(0aadeac) (2017-01-04 14:40)
Game world: zz1
Browser + version: chrome
Flash Player version:24.0.0
Screen resolution: not applicable
Account name:
Humans or Elves: elves

Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

Quest title: __ (if applicable)

Current situation:
if you have progress in tournament, and you your fellowship while the tournament is still going on, you get a stream error while loading map

Expected situation:
seeing the map and no tournament active :)

Reproduction Steps
1 join a fellowship
2 do something in tournament (maybe optional)
3 leave the fellowship (or disband it as i did)
4 Load the map

Add more steps if needed. Include only ONE action for each step!

Screenshots of the bug:
(add as many screenshots as you need)
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Aye indeed, was doing my experiments with fellowships / tournament and after my experiments were over, i just posted them without checking what was allready posted. Sorry about that :)

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
No problem - we'd rather have an issue reported twice than not at all! :D And thanks for confirming that it is indeed a duplicate of the linked issue
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