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Kings and Queens looking for more members

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We currently have 8 members, most are new to Beta, but not the game. We're a pretty laid back, relaxed fellowship:

Help/visit as often as you can
Make fair trades
Increase your score by something ever week

I did the math, and for the fellowship to be evenly balanced (overused word in this game), a fellowship needs 8.something of each good.

Current needs:
3 marble
7 steel
6 planks

4 crystal
8 scrolls
4 silk

5 elixir
8 magic dust
3 gems

As you can see, we're a little top heavy on marble and gems. If you're interested in joining, please contact me, RosehawkATA, the archmage. Even with all the annoying changes, I want this game, and my fellowship, to be a place of fun and relaxation.