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today I got a beta key and I'm very happy. :)

I'm from Slovakia, 16 years old and my english is not very good, so I'm sorry for mistakes.
I play also Forge of Empires. I hope the Elvenar will be a good game. :)


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Hai iDavis, welcome to this forum and to this great game.
I play FoE also, just like a lot of other Elvenars.
You don't have to make excuse for your english, we all have ( more or less ) problems wilt the spelling


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Hey iDavis I just saw you on the worldmap and remembered i saw that nickname somewhere in the forum. :)
I'm east-southeast from you, but sadly over 10 more provinces to go to scout you :(


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Hey hello iDavis
welcome to ELVENAR ;)
I play FoE, but this game is wonderful
have fun and joy with us :):):)
and good interaction ...