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House Martell wants you to join...


Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Alone among the Great Houses of Westeros the Martells of Dorne never bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror. They were once conquered by Daeron I Targaryen, but after his death, they rebelled and became independent once more. They have been Targaryen bannermen for little more than a century, after a marriage agreement between the two Houses secured the Targaryens dominion over Dorne. The Martells retain their title as Princes and Princesses of Dorne, one they have held since the warrior Queen Nymeria led the Rhoynar across the Narrow Sea and, with the help of her husband Mors Martell, conquered Dorne from the Andals. In keeping with their Rhoynar blood, the Martells (as do all Dornishmen) allow the eldest child, regardless of gender, to inherit their titles, in stark contrast to the other lords of

Lets have some fun playing together one of the really true Houses of Westeros. Martell.
Based upon a Story by J.R.R.Martins "Song of ice and fire".

Please always:
Act according to a maxim which can be adopted at the same time as a universal law.
Good old Immanuel Kant knew, what was best :)

1) Help each other
2) Fair trade
3) Friendly dealings with fellows
4) Respect other players
5) Last but not least have fun in the game and our Fellowship :)

A prerequisite for your joining is, however, that your score is over 8000 Points...

Kind Regards, Tadjiema Sand
(Bastard of Mors Martell)