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Hey guys!
Finally I made my decision to write about myself.

I'm a 21 years old guy from Hungary.
How I got my nickname? -you ask. Well... When we got internet connection at home, I almost immediately got interested in japanese language and culture. Also, I needed a nick on almost every webpage I registered to. So I looked for a name generator, that said "What's your japanese name?" Of course it doesn't work this way, but I was like "It's worth a shot." It asked me for my first name -which is Béla by the way :)- but I took its diminutive form, and used Béci instead, because that's how almost all of my friends called me. It took my name and it said, that my japanese name is Hoshi. I liked it, sounds good, it's easy to remember and pronounce, I'll take it. Only later did I find out that in japanese it means star. Well, I already used it on many sites, so I didn't want to change it.

Let's jump a few months, or even years. In 2011 I started a Chemistry BSc program in Hungary, I almost completed it, only the state exam is left, I will take it in June. (Wish me luck. ^.^)

In 2013 I joined the Hungarian Forge of Empires Team as a facebook moderator, and in April, 2014 I got "promoted" to Game operator. I love working with this team. But this writing should be about me, right? :D

In my freetime (which I don't really have much of) I like reading, mainly fantasy. Now I'm at the beginning of the 5th book of A Song of Ice and Fire series ("the Game of Thrones books"). I also read Warcraft novels. In the future I want to write my own novel. The genre will be fantasy of course. :)
I also like playing games. Well. I would like to play, if I'd have enough time. :D Currently Skyrim, Oblivion, Dragon Age is waiting for me to play them. I also like casual and indie games, I like playing racing games too, but I'm not so good at them. Sometimes we play Rust or other games with FPS in them, they can tell how pro I am at FPS. (I'm not.)
In all of the time I have I play FoE, started Grepolis and of course I play Elvenar.

Hopefully you know me a bit better now. If you have questions, feel free to ask them. :)


Nice to read it all Hoshi and good to meet you

Love the RPGs you play and your choice in books. Don't read too fast in the 5th book... because you have to wait for the 6th :(


Welcome, Hoshi !
Aww, you like books. I love them too.
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I must confess to you guys.
Since most of you know, we use anonymous moderation in our game. I was a moderator for a long time, but since I'm using my 'Hoshi' account for other moderating and CM duties, it seemed fitting that I use it here as well. On this server and forum however, I'm still a game moderator. :)
(If anyone is wondering, I was known as Maskine before.)