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New Game Features Group Feature


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you’re given your max contribution on each members wonder (which is no more or no less than what the spot requires),
This is not what you were describing earlier. That looks more like QuickFill system with some additions like autoassign chests (not sure if it's actually needed, I have more than enough runes for the most of AWs being upgraded in my FS and can leave top chest with runes for those who need it), auto limit contribution to assigned chests or even autocontribute.
But then I see
And if the group is less than a full group of 9, your contribution is greater.
And stop understanding what your system actually is...


I haven’t changed anything this picture shows a max contribution for each person. It’s not a daily max it’s an overall max donation based on the chest spot.

In this example, Marikki's max contribution is 60 kps (total) not daily. 60kps is the total amount Marikki has to donate to that wonder for the top chest. Once they have reached 60 kps they don't add a single kp more.

Soggyshorts, keeps saying that a group with less than 5 people is a waste of kps because two chests weren't claimed,
yet I just showed you this. Yes, 9 people is better than 5 because the total amount of kp to upgrade is shared by 9 people versus only 5. In the above example, if there were 4 more people in the group, then everyone's total contribution is reduced.

But what you said about having plenty of runes, on occasion, we chose a skip to let someone else who did not have enough runes take the top spot. It's very altruistic of you. But skipping a top spot, wouldn't cause you to lose your place with your wonder being upgraded, which seems like what the wonder society would do.

I believe kp instants were added to the game because of the teams that were being set up 1kp, 3 kp 5 kps etc and that someone could always join a team and have a few kp instants to keep up with their team members and to keep up with their research.I hope this helps explain it better.
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Looked at the picture and see that it's definitely not QuickFill, and have the flaw of requiring equal and constant members activity to be fair, same as KP threads.


I already asked for it to be where you are donating to 5 members automatically. If the above group is on a 3 kp a day schedule, then the game automatically takes 3 kps (or 1- 3kp instant) and donates it to each players wonder.

A wonder thread is completely different, someone starts it by asking for kps donated, then someone adds kps to theirs and then they ask for help on their wonder, it's so random and so spread out it leaves wonder incomplete or someone is always left out getting a rune and if you're contributing more than 60 kps then you've probably ended up contributing too much.

With the wonder society, you may never catch up with the balance and for a month and 1/2 donating, not getting a wonder upgraded until it's reviewed.
With a group that consistently donates, your wonders and your group members wonders are always being upgraded. If you don't like the constant kp donation then go with a free for all, as I've already said.
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If anyone in your group have no KP to invest - all wonders would stuck. And from the other side if someone is more active - he would not have place to invest. And both situations can occur with the same member, just due to different real life issues. QuickFill is way more suited for such implementation and require way less sustained KP flow since 80% of KP goes to own wonders at any time you like.


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I do know what tech locked means, and by slowing down your research, and letting your inventory grow, you will rarely if ever be tech locked and will most likely reach “superior manufacturing at the same time” Ever notice those people who race around on the city streets, cutting people off, only to keep meeting them at the stop lights?
Nonsense. The player that needs to wait for KP to unlock techs because they spend more on wonders will unlock techs slower than the one who doesn't. Your traffic analogy is BS.
Maybe you’ll get your wonder upgraded, but definitely not at the beginning because you must build up a balance.
You will get your wonder completely leveled within a day of donating the amount of KP it requires.
As I said before, this is more beneficial to the player (and their FS) than having 5 players each with wonders at 10-90%
On slide 6 of the wonder society presentation: “The more participants the better, but only around 5-6 are truly needed to enjoy the benefits by the pool” Hmmm Sounds familiar.
Yeah, that's a mistake and stupid for the same reasons as when you said.]
Or you join a wonder group where there is no calculating because it's automated
I'm 100% behind having the game automate the wonder society for me.
For the life of me I cannot understand why you two are so against this. It could calculate for those who want it calculated and it’s based on a 1kp, 2 kp, 3 kp, 5kp donation each day
For the life of you? Really? Lemme highlight it:
Wonder groups where you donate a set amount each day are inferior to Wonder Societies where you can donate as much or as little as you want each day.


I think that I’m going to ask for this thread to be archived please. I would hate for people to be accosted in game over choosing to create a wonder group over another method of upgrading wonders.


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Elvenar Team
Thank you all for thinking about this idea and for your contributions. We will have to archive this thread however, since we rather intend to make Fellowships play a bigger role, instead of encouraging all other kinds of groups. :)