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Friends of Elvenar


This is an idea for us players and not really for the game developers themselves that is why I placed this THOUGHT here in the lounge. So sit back and read my thoughts on this new proposed group.

Friends of Elvenar is just what it says.

This idea is Us THE PLAYERS forming a group of dedicated players united together to see what we can do within the structure of the game.

How can we improve activity, trading etc within our beta world?

You have heard this saying I hope, "Reach out and touch someone."

Our mission will be to see how we can improve our own game through unique and different ideas. By thinking out side the box and being pro-active we can all win by increasing Communication awareness.

This idea is a few random thoughts thrown together. I would ♥love♥ to hear your thoughts and of course ask you to VOLUNTEER.



I am sorry- I don't get the point of this. It's probably because of my poor english knowledge. What kind of thoughts do you mean?


I think he/she want to tell us to be innovative and to come up with new ways of playing withing the range of the borders the game give us.