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Fixed [Forum] There is STILL an error under feedback


Yesterday I posted about an error on the main forum page that everyone sees...
Right under "FEEDBACK' there is the text string that says "Please post here your costrunctive comments (both positive and negative). Thank you :)"... I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be CONSTRUCTIVE comments and the wording itself is very awkward. Perhaps "Please post your constructive comments here" would be better?
It is marked 'confirmed' and 'fixed' now but it is still not correct. Now it says 'costructive' instead of 'costrunctive' when it should be 'constructive'. :(

Zarok Dai

Well-Known Member
Yes thank you for the post, we realized this earlier at it will be corrected. I apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you. The whole main page is much more readable now :)