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Forum archive - Community Knowledge


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Hello. 2 weeks ago I announced on Discord my current stance on the upcoming Community Forums closure and what impact this change will have on the future of my website. The main point was to outline that the closing of the forums has no impact on the development of my site, and I also mentioned that I was actively working on a new feature that will in part allow us to replace the loss of useful information that will occur with the announced closure of the Community Forums.

As of today, this functionality is largely ready and I would like to introduce it to you. Its first phase is a community process, which is launched today and will last until the closure happens at the end of this year!

..:: Community Knowledge ::..

The newest section of my website is now available - Community Knowledge. This section is the forum archive, which currently contains a sample of several topics taken from various Forums of this game. Its design is very similar to the one we are used to, and it contains several topics that have been created in the past (the content of which was collected by an automated script I created for this purpose).

The current sample allows you to see the intended look of the Community Knowledge page. The first phase of this project - data collection - is currently underway. I have created a form in which players from different communities can share links to topics or sections from their forums that they find either interesting, important to future players, or simply bring back nostalgic memories of their time spent on the forums. Once this phase is complete, I will process the links I receive and generate the individual topics and sections right on the site. With this content, it will be possible to return to your favorite topics at any time, even after the game forums are permanently closed!

The deadline for the data collection phase is December 12th, 2023. After that, I'll leave myself time to process the data I've collected and post it on my website towards the end of the year.

If you are more interested in this functionality, I recommend you visit the Community Knowledge page, where you can find the button "What is this?", which contains more useful information about this whole process.

I strongly believe that as many of you as possible will join in the process and use the form attached above to bring as many topics as possible to create a representative sample of useful and interesting information from our Community Forums!

I look forward to working with you on this project, and hope that we can build a rich replica of interesting information from years of our gaming experience.

Thank you for sharing this project with other players.


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I saw this posted on the EN Forum. Thanks for trying iDavis. Sorry it didn't work out. https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index....-idavis-community-knowledge.18324/post-116109

Thanks to the OP on the EN side for bringing this to our attention too. :)

I really hope the higher ups decide to simply keep the forums going, moving forward. There's no reason not to keep them open, along side Discord, Facebook, Twitter/X and Instagram.
It's easier to find and keep all archived official announcements and discussions over here.
You can't do any Google searches for Elvenar info that is on Discord. It doesn't work that way.
If you notice the Members Online section of each forum, it's mostly bots....from search engines that players are using to obtain information about the game. It would be terrible to lose that feature.
There's no reason not to have all things Elvenar accessible to every player, on multiple platforms. *fingers crossed*

Edit to add: Adding this link as well, in case the top one doesn't work for any reason.
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