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Trader Fix the app version of the Trader to be more like the browser version

Enevhar Aldarion

Active Member
If this has not been suggested before, I would be very surprised, but anyway, now that the dev team for the app version has caught up on the major missing elements from the browser version, it is time for them to fix the Trader. There are two major issues with it.

First, all the filters from the browser version need to be added to the app version. Not even being able to filter for fellowship-only trades in the app is a horrible omission.

Second, when you take a trade, the remaining trades shift to fill the spot in the opposite order. In one, the trades below the one you accepted shift up to fill the spot, while in the other, it does the opposite, with the trades above the one you accepted shifting down to fill the spot. For a player not knowing it works that way, and in a hurry to take trades, it is too easy to click on the wrong trade. But even without that, it makes no sense that the two would be coded opposite like this.