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Fellowships [Fellowships]Tournament ranking for Fellowships

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Have a ranking of how each Fellowship has performed in the latest tournament.

We have an individual ranking and a ranking within your own FS but their isn't a ranking to compare how each FS has done in the tournaments. It would be a nice addition to have this.

I would like to see how my Fellowship is performing compared to others.

Possible downsides
It might cause the feeling between Fellowships that they have to compete with each other and thereby making the game less attractive to certain players.
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I like the idea, but it is also a double edge sword..

Me personally I would like to see how the fellowships I am in compare to others..

But imagine seeing worse or smaller fellowships then your own ranked above you.. This could provoke in fellowship argument's and drama the whole "if so and so would have done more we could have done better" maybe it wont be intentional but I can see it alienating members and having members feel that they have to compete thus making the game less fun for them...

But like I said me personally I'm all for the idea +1


I guess it will be implemented in a short time even without a poll, but speeding things up can't hurt.


Hey guys!

This idea has also been approved for a poll. I have modified the opening post to the correct format and added a poll to this topic.
Thanks for the idea!


Impressing, we have to vote for it,before they open the drawer to implement it :D

I like the idea!
Hopefully this would be like the weekly tournament rankinglist (maybe with a little reward?).
Don't like the frustrating idea of an all time table in this case.


Sorry, but I think this is a truly awful idea. I've experienced this kind of group competition in another game and it got completely out of hand. During the competition members switched to other groups to get the big prizes, leaving other members empty-handed. There was an enormous pressure to build your city (farm) to get the highest score possible in the competition. There was no room left to just build the way you would like. The game was supposed to be a city-builder, but everything was designed to accommodate the group competition. It was an experience I never want to have again.

The single players ranking (on the live server) are already an indication for how crazy players can get to be and stay number one (as if it matters). They don’t bother me, because I don’t care about ranking, but I don’t want to see this happening with fellowships.


True. But rankings make people compete, competition makes people buy powerful buildings and that makes this game possible.

I like building a flourishing city, but I really don't like competition. With the single player ranking I have the option to completely ignore the competition. But competition between fellowships will be a lot harder to ignore. It's already happening on the live server :(


competition between fellowships will be a lot harder to ignore
We already have a ranking for FS, so where is the problem.
Not every FS is competitive and players who are, already have left their FS in order to gain the BP.


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We already have a ranking for FS, so where is the problem.

Whats the point of that ranking anyway? it just shows how much diamond players a FS has :)
Id much rather have the tournament ranking, at least it shows activity/effort of the players, not how much real life money they have.

And about competition? competition is what makes players buy diamonds, and those diamond players are what keeps this game free for the others. You should encourage competition, it benefits us all in the end. (its a bit the idea behind capitalism vs communism)