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Fellowships Fellowship Communication Boards

Randy Rider

While playing other Innogames, the Guilds would have a wonderful Guild Board system so that everyone could communicate en masse. Will the Fellowships be getting something similar? Sorry if this question is redundant.



Hello Randy Rider.
Yes, I've read many threads where they talk about a chat system and it seems to come in very soon :D:rolleyes:


A chat system will be added soon indeed, as explained by Timon & Oliver in the july episode of Inno TV. Exactly what the chat will look like is still unknown at this point.


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I'll change the prefix of this thread to the prefix 'Fellowships', with which everything about fellowships, including the fellowship communication, can be marked. :)


Sorry, but in video, have no explain for chat, they say nothing about that, only explanation about fellowship, how to make it and how to send invite or accept, i don't see or hear anywhere even word about chat.
And if not been global chat, than they may make fellowship chat, and fellowship trade. For now members from fellowship can't help each other with resources via trade, and if they try, some other ppl will catch that trade.
I play some similar games, and always been group chat and trade in group.
That is only my opinion :) and sorry if my english is not good :)


Fellowship members can help each other just fine via trade. Before fellowships many people complained about not having enough trading partners, so the chances of your trades being taken by a non-fellowship member are pretty slim. In the video Timon says '' a chat will also be added soon''. Play it again and listen carefully.

I never liked global chats in games, it's 90% trolls and trashtalkers. The fellowship feature is only 4 days old, and the devs still have many plans for Elvenar, so be patient :)


For now members from fellowship can't help each other with resources via trade, and if they try, some other ppl will catch that trade.
You just need to approach it from the other side. Have the recipient post a trade that's very much in their favor, which you will then pick up in accordance with your prior agreement. It's safer all around.


Its not only a chat, its a black board we urgently need!

I try hard to get the different player of my fellowship together, e. g. I started an Invitation Mail, every fellow can invitate.

But each new joined fellow needs a new started Mail, and I have to copy the written invitations of the others to a new Mail. Also copy and paste didn't work, so I had to re-write the invitations per handtyping!!! (it's not able to mark the older text, so you can't copy it) So much work, it could be much easier using a fellowship-blackboard...


You're right, Madariel: we need as soon as possible this feature. In our fellowship we've been forced to do that each time a new member was joined and it's not really convenient for a simple and fast management of it :confused:


I think we can now skip the chat and start begging about inside forum for each guild like in FoE!:rolleyes:


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I agree with the UlQuiorra and the others.

An "Guild Internal Forum" would be very nice.
It would help to give informations, tipps, "FAQ", Problems to be reported.

And personal communications

Also usable as a black board.


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I would very much like to see a mini forum for the game, with public (to all fellowship members) and hidden (visible only to mage/archmage) privileges. It's challenging to repeat the welcome message, organize recruiting, etc with just messages and chat. Those are great, just it would be very helpful to have a mini forum as well.