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Feedback on "New Ideas Database"


Please post your feedback about the database. Tell me your ideas, how can I improve the topic.

You can find the topic by clicking here.


Well-Known Member
Thank you for this one, you did an awesome job!!
I really hope people start using your little database, cause it's really well made and easy to use :D

Maybe it's just me (I like focusing on colors); the color for Considerating and Under development look a bit the same, maybe you can change one to a color that's different from the other (but it might just be me that notices that:p)..
Ow and I didn't think considerating is a word, I thought it's consideration or considering:oops:

Keep up the good work :cool:


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I had not noticed the color system you've done, that makes it even better than it was. Kudos for the work and thank you for making it easier to navigate through pages and pages of ideas! :)


@ThaMartin Thank you! I really appreciate it! :)
Ow and I didn't think considerating is a word, I thought it's consideration or considering
Sorry, my bad :) I corrected it, sorry for my mistakes. And I will see what I can do about the colors. :)
And thanks for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it.
@ThePhantom Thank you for your positive feedback. As I see now more users respond to already opened threads. So it's definitely an upside. (But this could be because of new players :D)

Every idea, feedback, suggestion is appreciated and encouraged. :)


Great work there Hoshi. It's cause of people like you around here, it's great to be part of this community :)


Ex-Team Member
Thanks Hoshi for your great database! Because we’ve had a lot on our hands, some ideas were forwarded without a statement in the thread. I’ve sent you the URL’s of the threads with ideas that have been forwarded as well. Hopefully, we can see them soon in the database! :)


I saw the new update for Forge of Empires contains the idea of displaying produced money and supply icons, like here in Elvenar.
It's kinda good idea.
I have a little trouble replacing building and decorations here, in Elvenar.
I guess it'd be great if we could replace buildings the same way like in FoE.
It's pretty hard to find free place, but it's much easier to the change to buildings up.