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Other Eventual reset of cost to buy KPs


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Wouldn't it be nice if, perhaps as a loyalty bonus, we could have the cost of 'buy KP' reset sometime.
Perhaps it could be some sort of anniversary gift e.g. after playing for one year or maybe two.

At the moment it only continues to climb, which has been raised in Event discussions as an issue i.e. impact of quests where the cost of a quest can never be reset.

Players who have been less active would not receive so much benefit; players who have been actively participating e.g. in events, would receive more benefit, hence the thought that this could be considered some sort of longer-term loyalty bonus.

Benefit: players would feel less resentful of 'buy KP' event quests and possibly more likely to buy KPs at other times, knowing that there will eventually be a reset, even it will be a while. May even slightly encourage people to continue playing.

Downsides ... can't really see any, but perhaps others can.

(P.S. quite likely something like this has been suggested before but couldn't find anything with a search)


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I would love for it to reset with each new chapter opening or at minimum reach a max point for each chapter so it does not go beyond a reasonable point - as in gold cost = 5 residences of chapter level and each currency = 1 24 hour workshop run (something relatively high, but maintainable) because as you know, I deeply resent the buy KP and its ever increasing cost :)


While i would love that, i do want to point out 1 thing. some people like me spend all out excess coins on buying kp all the time and if this was reset i could upgrade wonders much quicker at first with all the kp i could suddenly buy.
For example on my main live account i'm buying kp at 2.1 million coins and i tend to buy 3 or 4 a day if im not heavily upgrading stuff.
So if it was reset to 500 i could buy 91 kp for that 2.1 million coins and for the 4 i would get 184 kp,
Yes this would even out in the end but it would allow some of us to be able to buy a lot more kp.


but then you are being rewarded for not doing something, which i doubt inno is going to do.


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Perhaps not a total reset, but perhaps chapter-dependant limits that would prevent the cost getting too high?


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Due to balancing reasons, this idea will not be implemented. Therefore I'll archive this thread now :)