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Event re-roll odds


Does anyone know if all the daily prizes that come up during events have equal odds of coming up on a re-roll? I've been re-rolling every time I meet the criteria across multiple cities & events both here and on the live servers and noticed that certain prizes appear much more frequently than others. This could be due to an inadequate sample size to show accurate results though.
Anyone else noticed any trends or have access to actual numbers?


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Das ist mir auch aufgefallen, einige Preise kamen nach dem erneuten Wurf nicht einmal heraus

Edit, SyreArca:
"I noticed that too, some prizes didn't even come out after the re-throw"
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honestly its very unpredicable.
Last event on one account i dont play that much, i did almost all quests so lots currency to trade in. Since i don't play it that much i missed the daily prize i wanted, so i wanted to use the reroll on very last day. And eventually i never got the prize i wanted. I did however get the same building over and over again (about 1 every 4 rerolls). Since its not my main account i wasn't all too sad about it.

But it made me realise, better not count on a reroll to get the actual prize you want, and try to go for it as much as you can on the actual day.