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Won't fix Event mini-story needs revision


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Thank you for replacing the pay X quests with other quests. :)
The mini-story between quests will need to be revised now.
Silk quest.jpg
But the quest is no longer for silk, it is for trades
Silk quest2.jpg
The quest prior had the lady asking for scrolls, but the new quest was actually for a power of provision spell. I didn't think to get a screen shot of that 1..
Thanks again!


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Thank you for your report @Aramina . To be honest, this is a textual thing which we won't be able to manage in time though. It would need a Game Designer to write changes to the story, it would need translators in about 20 languages to fix it on all the local servers and that would all have to be done before this afternoon, when we plan to launch the event on Live. We won't be able to do that without postponing the Live release even more, which we don't want to do for such a small thing :)