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Events Event Building and Event Quest Valuation Update

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Deleted User - 56274

The short summary:
1) Please sell the event building for the first week of the event and have its effect be: +1 to all ground collection & +10 % bonus to event currency gained from event quests and chests
2) Define quests by Free, Low, Medium and High Cost/Time/Effort (details below)
3) Quests grant event currency based on their definition of Free, Low, Medium, or High (details below)

My hope is that this would allow a better balance of quests and the full listing of quests to be utilized throughout the event. The current theme for Mermaids and Autumn event is that IG has been throwing more scout/research, solve encounter & gain relic quests at us because they have an arbitrary currency award that increases up to 80 (or previously 188) which means that players who are utilizing diamonds or speed boosts can gain huge amounts of event prizes.

I believe that dedicated players should easily be able to obtain 2 fully leveled bears while more casual players may only be able to fully evolve 1.

The example currency valuation is just an example. IG would have to do some examination to determine at what level 8500 keys for an evolved building is doable for the quest valued currency.

The details :) This has some repetition from the above.

This is a suggestions for the valuation of event quests and a calibration for the event.
My intent with this suggestion is to scale more smaller valued quests that will hopefully keep the players engaged over larger long or high cost quests such as scouting, research, Buy KP, Gain Relics, Encounter/Tourney Encounter.
Each problematic quest should have an OR attached to it, preferably this is an OR workshop quest of a time value approximate to that of the core quest. So a scout/research would have Or produce toolbox x 3.
I know some things like scouting vary wildly depending upon how far a player is. For ease, I am valuing scouting at 24 hours, though I know for high chapter players it is closer to 70 hours, but I do need to have a standard that is hopefully a midpoint for players. I am not taking into account speed boosts etc.
As I had stated in the feedback, IG should try to determine how they want their basic player types to be reward for participating in the event. They should also pull stats for active players participating in the events and get a median based on chapter of how many boosted buildings, workshops, etc players have on average so that they can create a median point.

So quest types
  • Free - little or no cost or time involved. This includes Gain Coin =<5 NH or residences; workshop quests under 1 hour, post/accept trades, gain 10 culture, spend 5 KP
  • Low - workshop & t1 boosted quests of 3 hour duration (must be less than the average # that players have), Gain 1 stack of troops, gain supply or goods equal to the 3 hour duration of average #; Gain 1 relic; gain 100 Spell fragments; Solve 1 encounter OR 4 tourney encounters; solve 1 encounter or 1 spire encounter (tourney and spire should only be up when those events are active), spend 10 kp, Upgrade a building (no level req)
  • Medium - workshop and T1 quests of 9 hour duration (again, less than the average # of buildings of quest type), gain 5 relics, gain 5 VV, Gain CC, solve 3 encounters or 12 tourney encounters, solve 3 encounters or 3 spire encounters, gain supplies/goods = 9 hour factory run, gain 2 stacks of troops, gain 200 spell fragments, spend 15 kp, gain 10 kp
  • High - Workshop 1 day run (or equivalent), Scout, Research, Buy KP, Solve 5 encounters or 20 tourney encounters, supply/goods = to 1 day runs; gain coins = 25 NH or more; Gain 10 relics; recruit 3 stacks of units; Collect 300 Spell Fragments
Currency granted (and this can be tweaked) - Free 10-20; Low 25 - 35, Medium 40 - 50, High 50+

Free 20%, Low 35%, Medium 35%, High 10%. This means that a free quest would occur 20% of the time, low 35%, medium 35% and high only 10% of the time. Potentially each of those quests is on a cooldown so it cannot occur within 5-10 quests.

For comparison I took one of my lists and totaled the points and an approximate time (sans speed boosts) that it would take to complete.
The total is 5515 event currency and about 26 days without boosts. I did value scouting as 1 day and any high solve relic or solve encounter quest as 1 day if it appeared in a short time range. This is about 100 quests. For an equivalent of the suggested - an idealized and more realistic estimate ranges from 17-28 days and about 3100-3300 event currency.

The other half of this suggestion is in regards to the event building. For this format, it would work best if the event building was for sale for the first week AND offers a 10% bonus to all event currency gains including those from the chest awards and a +1 to that collected on the ground. This would make it more beneficial to the more casual players as well as those who want to maximize their ability to gain event currency to fully evolve buildings or to gain daily prizes.

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Although we are of course monitoring performance and feedback for the events and make adjustments based on that, it will probably be implemented in a different way than proposed in this idea. Therefore I'll archive this thread now, but at least know it's something we're actively working on :)