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Enchanted Wand of Seclusive

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Many of us devoted Elvenar players need to make room in our cities, and would like a way to store some of the beautiful creations the graphic artists worked on but we can’t put ‘em back into our inventory bag. Here’s an idea I had. A proposal I submitted. Give us a new item to find in a chest, like the Instants, Relics, Rune Shards, etc.

All the Elementals work together in a symbiotic relationship. Earth, Air Fire and Water keep balance in the world. My favorite is the Earth Elementals who care for everything that sprouts from the ground. They especially enjoy watching trees swaying and leaves blowing in the breeze, whenever an Air Elemental happens to sneeze. I came up with a poetic story that could weave the Store feature into the game.

When visiting your cities, Elementals may leave something magical behind in a
chest for those who build cities with plenty of room to breathe and go to ‘n fro.
They believe beautiful surroundings help your creativity grow.

When offering neighborly help, a chest will randomly appear.
Look for it quickly, it’s quite near.

If you find in the chest a magical wand,
made from an oak tree growing in a pond,
you have found the Enchanted Wand of Seclusion.

Point the wand at a building but use it well.
For only once can you use its spell.

You will find the object you cast a spell on stored away.
Look in your inventory when you wish to rebuild it someday.
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