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Elvenar Fan Art


First of all, thanks to creaters of Elvenar! This game inspires :)
I tryied to create something with Elvenar theme. You can see my 3d creation with Elvenar Character
But... It's shame for me! I don't know the name of this wood elf. Could you please tell me her name?
I choose this character because I play the Celtic harp. Related instrument to this forest lyre. You can hear my music in the video with favorite Elvenar character.



ps I created this renders with magic tools (Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Maya). No AI only hand made

My other works https://www.artstation.com/simlion


Ex-Team Member
This is so awesome, thank you for taking Elvenar as inspiration for your beautiful art!
We made sure to forward it to all members of the Elvenar Team to see!