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Elite Archer in end-game ?

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Deleted User - 88256

When the 3 training queues had been announced players said it could give a great advantage to humans because elves can't train units as powerful as human priests in barracks.
Having an Elven end-game city on live I looked at barracks units that can be more than cannon fodder, and I found Elite Archer.
It has +90% damage against mages, which means it can deal as much damage as a Forest Warden against them. It also has a (albeit lower) -defence debuff and high initiative (difference between FW's 20 and EA's 18 is little, as there's no enemy unit between 21 and 18 initiative). So it should be able to attack mages early and thus having no bonus defence aginst mages should not be a problem.
It has better bonuses against HM than FW, but 4 range should already allow to avoid being hit by HM anyway.
It has 4 range as well as Forest Warden, but only 3 movement which means it's harder for them to hit mages in round 1. Also, it has no strike back while FW has.
So it seems overall worse than FW, but do you think it's usable in quite high tournament provinces ?


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No, but they can be thrown into autofight up to province 20-25 along with golems if they fit enemy setup (if you have some expiring buildings active, but you won't go to high provinces without them anyway).
That's my strategy for now - throw barracks units into autofight until I loose more than was trained during last week in barracks/AWs and then switch to MC units/manual fights.
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