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Discussion Elementals


Jaxom, if you're on the U.S. server, you're welcome to join any of my fellowships. We're known as the Dragon Masters of Arendyll and Guardian Knights of Winyandor. On the Beta server, I'm training Dragon Riders but membership is dwindling because some members thought they reached the end of the game and some headed over to the other worlds. When the tournament commences, I always tell my fellowships:

It's not mandatory to compete in the tournaments but…
if you want to increase your goods production boosts,
gain Knowledge and Ranking Points, Relics and Rune
Shards, I must reiterate, please try your best to participate.​


Hi everyone.

Long time I did'nt visit the forum, and I don't really have time to read the whole thread, but I just completed the elemental tech tree, and there is two things that annoyed me and I think are worth mentioning to the dev. If it's a repeat, I guess that will just mean the dev will consider thoses thing even more closely for the next chapter.

The first thing that annoyed me deeply was the part of the main quest where you have to build a certain, very high, number of canal and elemental manifestation. In the future, I'd much more prefer not to have an "imposed" size to the settelment. If I want to take it slow, that's my own buisness. To complete it, I ended up building that I have immediately destroying once the quest was complete. That felt kind of silly.

The other thing that bothered me alot is about the upgrade to the elemental manifestations being in the tech tree. I think it's a good idea in itself, but it baffles me how the final elemental manifestions are coming waaaayyy too far in the tech tree. By the time you unlock them, the upgrade is completely useless as the time you waste to build them is the time you are'nt collecting, and since they will operate for such a short while since you are at the end of the tech tree, it's pointeless.


galoyal, I agree what you say. One more thing was that you have to have 5 workshops. 3 was enough for me.


Does anyone have a list of quests for Elementals ? Gamersgems... site seems to have just a few of the early ones.

I'm wondering if there are many like the "upgrade main hall quests" that some chapters have that requiere thousands of workers to upgrade. I'd like to upgrade some other things too but but can't (don't want to) really build more residences. Tearing down something is ofc another option but I'd like to plan ahead a little.


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Hmm. gamersgemsofknowledge have full list up to "Research the Ancient Wonder of the Elementals". Just scroll down.


Hmm. gamersgemsofknowledge have full list up to "Research the Ancient Wonder of the Elementals". Just scroll down.
They have the whole of tech-tree showing, but when I scroll down there is a list called "sneak peek - first quests", there's also a "click here to access the full quests list" ...but my problem is that the whole section of the page is kind of greyed out, can't click - it comes back to colorful life where they have a section about residences.


On the French forum we had information about this new guest race ... Why not here?
the elementals were published in January ... it could be that the next is coming soon; No ???

Edit .. This one (the new guest race) comes from an arid environment, will challenge you,
and will surely be one of the most innovative guest breeds you've come across!
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it's a message of our COMA on french Forum :) :) :) message of 19 April 2018


I think this thread is ment https://fr.forum.elvenar.com/index....infos-venant-des-réseaux-sociaux.14857/page-2

Translated with help from google
No, it will not be demons for the next guest race. Although the April 1 message at stake had a familiar facies, the Cowgirl of the West, the text accompanying the picture itself announced perfectly the content of the future guest race.

We have heard your requests and so we give you a quick overview of the future guest race!
This one comes from an arid environment, will challenge you, and will surely be one of the most innovative guest races you've come across!
More information will come very soon!
(translated April 1st fool message)


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For those who take a close look behind the scene, it's already perfectly clear what the next guest race will be and what challenges will come with them - they are even present here in the forum for a while ;) ... the only question is, WHEN they will arrive ... no need to hurry !