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Discussion Easier Neighbourly Help


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Well done. I just did all 32 pages to see how many I get back-- I noticed that once you visit though the AW button greys out.
I think that's a bug?

Edit: yep a bug. already reported


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There is something wrong serverside with this feature. Neighbors are received multiple times, some of them - more than 30...
Instead of 332 entries shown on the tab there are 1902 entries in the packet...
Not sure if I have to do separate bug report for it, or it will be eventually fixed along with other issues.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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I started doing the neighbour help and the Fellowship help through their own menus more and more.
This way I only have to look at 110 players instead of 284 notifications of the same player base for a period of 5 days.
And even the return help players trough the world map menu have golden hands so I can do the return help and leave the not so active players for when I can use them for a quest.

So Inno need to clean up the notification system or I will use the 2 different lists.


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The 10 pages to 5 days within a couple days increased from 36 pages of notifications to 42, and now with the new map visit feature I've gone to 49 pages so it is definitely making a difference for the number of visitors. I suppose an increase of 5 pages is about 6 more visitors, so I must have about 15 more daily visitors. That's good.


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This is a useful and welcome change, although it does occur to me that the location of the new 'Neighbors' tab may cause many players to fail to notice it, either at first or even at all. This is not only because the new tab is located on a different screen from the game's existing interfaces which involve the Neighborly Help 'Hands', which most players are obviously accustomed to use when giving NH, but also because I, for one, would certainly not look within the 'Province Overview' tab to find a new way of visiting Map Neighbours (even though there is a certain logic to it - if one sees 'Provinces' as including not only 'places to Fight or Cater', but also 'locations of Neighbours' Cities' - which most players generally don't).

It would be a real shame if this helpful new feature were to go unused simply because it is hard to find, so I would suggest a prominent Post Horn-type in-game notice announcing its addition, with a brief description of where to find the new tab. As is well known, only a very few players ever visit the game's Forums, especially if they are playing on mobile, so the usual Forum Announcement of this change, when it goes Live, is probably not enough.
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seems pretty useless. going to notifications and clicking on the helper's name takes you right to the city anyway. also not a fan of only getting notified of the last 5 days visitors instead of the 10 pages we had before. also don't like the stupid little boxes we need to check in order to be notified of trades and all neighborly help. greatly prefer getting those notices automatically the way we did before.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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So this change is only for the browser version?
Most of it is only for the browser version.
The app version had already a very fast NH system trough the world map and now the browser gets the same fast way.
But the app version should get the same information as the browser version gets through the notification system but it seems that the app filters the double message away if I am correct.


I've used it a few times now. I only get to level 9 on the map before I tire of doing it. I think map collection is a good alternative for gaining a lot of coins, like I've already been doing, but now much faster. So that's a thumbs up for the change. Normally, I stick to the notifications because some aspects of the game are more interesting than others and the repetitive collection of coins/supplies is not why I log in.


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I have now increased to 58 pages, which is a minimum of an extra 26 visits over what we had. This truly is a massive improvement. Take Karvest up on his programming to make it show last unique visit and it is an even bigger win. I have clicked through 10 pages in a row and not found anyone missed. There really is just a couple return visits in those last 20 pages so the unique visitor showing really would be a nice add.