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Discussion for Whispers of the Soul Event


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I guess we’ll keep making our own non-official threads for game content, here on the forum, while we still can.

This one can be for the Whispers of the Soul event. :)

Post in thread 'Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)'

(This is so sad to see the demise of the forums happening…and lack of interest from INNO of wanting to see our feedback :()


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Magics Ingredients, not pumpkings :p:p:p

Capture d'écran 2023-10-02 180252.png

What's more, you have to update the game for them to appear ... But I said the other day that doesn't signal anything anymore ...

Before update => 1 magic ingredients ... after 6 :mad::mad:

Dorfl the Clay

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Assignment 44: Spend 12 Knowledge point AND recruit some amount of units AND solve 7 encounters on the world map by negotiating.. so for this task 3 problems need to be solved? Tha's a new one!


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"solve 7 encounters on the world map by negotiating": I hope they will change it before launch to live worlds :-( Negotiating or combatting :)