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Disciples of Elvenar is expanding to Beta


This is a fellowship built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship and to help each other grow and succeed. We are new to the Beta world and we're looking to build into a successful fellowship. We're in need of people to assume leadership roles to help mold newer players into powerful forces, be it by trades or by arms. Please contact Lady Drenaye to join. We do not discriminate, any player is welcome to join as long as you are active. We do not tolerate drama, but we do not watch our mouths either. If you're offended by adult humor, please do not apply.

I am looking for folks that can guide and teach new players the game. We don't focus solely on fighting or trading. We don't shun people that don't have a certain number of points.

Everyone must start somewhere and I want that to be with us. Please contact me if you are interested in joining or taking over a leadership role.

Primary Language: English