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Cristal province 4 star map


King of Bugs
Anybody managed to beat this map in cristal province 4 star?


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I would go with treants, they should be able to handle the damage until you reach the enemy. It worked for me in live really good ;)


King of Bugs
tried that but enchantress with debuffs makes from them easy targets and they die before they can kill enchantress fast enough


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I managed that map or someone that was very similar.
The key is to get rid of the sorceresses ASAP.

I used a combination of sorceres, blossom mage and 2 treant.
In the end I had 1 troup of treants left for 3 units which was enough to handle the 3, the rest died while combatting the sorceresses and steinlings.

edit: wasnt the same troups, I had 2 cannoneers 1 steinling 1 hellhound 2 sorceress. the map was the same horrible map layout.
I fought with 1 sorceres(pos4) 2 troups blossom mage(pos 1 and 2) and 2 treants(pos 3 and 5)