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Other Craft CC spells with spell fragements and vice versa

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Allow players to balance their spell fragment and combining catalyst stocks by adding 2 new crating recipes - one to craft CC with fragments and one to craft fragments with CC.


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there is already a way to keep them in sync, better give more useful recipes and less not useful ones.=)

Deleted User - 79535

For the second option it is already available. You can disenchant a CC to gain a base of 45 spell fragments. In the past I would need to disenchant items in my inventory when I ran low on spell fragments. Now anyone playing the Spire regularly should have more spell fragments then they can use.

Lovec Krys

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I would prefer if it didn't interfere with existing recipe slots, so new slot or better new tab (which could also include artifacts exchange for past events).
There are also other ways...like replacing the scroll production in libraries with second CC (solves most of the scroll problem and saves space occupied by library sets for those who have them due to CCs production(need less libraries for the same CC production)).
So No, if it interferes with existing recipe queues.