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Communication [Communication] Grow chat box

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Expand the typing area in the chatbox when typing large messages.

When your typing a large message in the chatbox, you can only go back with your arrow keys.
I propose that the chatbox will grow with your message so you can see the whole message (eventually with a scroll bar) in one time.

More user friendly, could enhance chatbox usage and therefore player & Fellowship engagement.

Possible downsides
Will probably require rewriting the whole chat system, which would take up a lot of developer's time.
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we could also ask for a sizeable chat box, like the one we have in FoE, that we can re-size according to our screen usage
(fight -> small / just chatting ->large)


I can't remember how many times I did "select all + copy" of the long text I typed on the chat box and then pasted it on a notepad to see if I had done any errors or just forgot a word :oops:


We need more then just expanding current chat UI, we need working links. NH chat.


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+1 to working links. Even if the only ones that work are to the forum and wiki, we just need to be able to direct other FS members to Elvenar info sometimes. It seems reasonable to allow for specific links.


If we can't have 'clickable' links in chat then, please allow us to select and copy the text in the view window to make it easier to share links with FS members... I often want to share screen shots in chat (also messages) but it's a pain for others to have to type out the address to most image hosts such as http://tinypic.com/r/27y3h34/9 (would be much easier to copy/paste)