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Implemented [City] Upgrading "Magic" Buildings (bought with Diamonds)

Randy Rider

I've bought a ton of Snails, most of which I later deleted when "Rankings" came along and Snails got no Ranking points. So, why should I buy Magic Workshops or Magic Residences if I can already see that they will be passe in a few weeks or months? I was hoping that you would build a 2nd tier (bought with diamonds of course) to these buildings. I understand they can give bonus' that those who don't use diamonds might find unfair, I'm not asking for anything crazy, just to keep our diamond bought buildings relevant to the "new" expansions, I'm not asking to make them unbeatable, just make them where they are upgradable to stay "up with the new expansions." When Residence's are upgraded (and I'm sure they will be), why can't we upgrade the Magic ones, too? Why do we go static/stale/stagnant while the others move on? Thanks.

P.S. It just SERIOUSLY makes me NOT to want to spend any money on this game, when I know my buildings will be worthless in a few expansions. Isn't that the opposite of what Inno should be doing?


I know former top players who have quit over this issue. Personally, I keep playing because I've already "bought" this game and refuse to be run off.

As an experienced player, I'm sure your perspectives would be appreciated on a number of independent review sites.