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Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile


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The Halflings report that there have been gruesome events in the surrounding regions. Settlements were attacked by monsters. No one has ever seen creatures like this before. It is as if there is an evil spell over the forests that turns animals and plants alike into sinister creatures, which then attack villages and drive the inhabitants away. It's worse than the orc horde!

A short time later, the villain behind it reveals himself. It's a Woodelf Sorcerer named Peregrim. He threatens to destroy the city if you don't help him build an army to kill all other Sorcerers in the world. "Above all, I want Dean Durku's head!"

At a loss and intimidated by the reports of the Halflings, you decide to submit for the time being and build a lair for the Sorcerer from where he can supervise your city and advance his plans. The Sorcerers Bastaran and Sylawney, which you know from the Academy, secretly arrive in town, sent by Dean Durku to assist you. They recommend to obey Peregrim's orders for the time being to buy some time until they find a way to stop him. Meanwhile, the dean himself guards the Academy and searches the archives for a spell that could help you against the evil Sorcerer.

Will you be able to stop his evil plans in time, or will his arrival be your downfall?


The Settlement

With the arrival of the new chapter, comes the next tier of Ascended Goods, allowing your Merchant to trade not 3, but 6 Goods in total (after upgrading your Trader to level 8).

The settlement itself will also bring a new challenge in the form of expiring settlement buildings and resources you can exclusively obtain by selling them. This means you will need to rebuild certain parts of your settlement regularly to progress further in the tech tree and be able to advance to the next chapter.

Of course, the new chapter will bring new city map expansions, upgrades and units. At the end of Chapter 19, you will be able to unlock 2 brand new Ancient Wonders:


Tree of Enlightenment
Increases Ascended Goods Production Boost
and produces Pro Rangers


Vallorian Seal Tower
Reduces decay of Unurium
and gives Unurium for coin pickups from residences

We hope that Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile will provide you with new challenges and an exciting new storyline, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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