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Chapter 18 - Team Spirit


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The dispute between you and the Elvenar is escalating. The Elvenar insist on focusing on the ascension and not increase other races' dependency on you. They urge the Humans and Elves to stay out of other races' affairs because in the end it will hold back everyone. The Humans and Elves however don't want to accept this and try to be a helping hand for everyone who kindly asks. The Constructs observed the tension for quite some time and, as their "common child", feel the obligation to interfere. They ask the Humans and Elves to seek help from the Elementals - the only known race that is even older, and hopefully wiser, than the Elvenar. With their millennia of experience and friendship, the Elementals should be able to settle the dispute between ancestors and descendants.

Using Unurium, the Constructs teach Humans and Elves to construct a portal to the dimension of the Elementals. Will the Elementals be happy to help, and will Humans, Elves and Elvenar be able to put aside their differences?

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The Settlement

With the help of the newly invented Ascended Goods, you will be able to build a recreational settlement, where Elementals guide Humans, Elves and Elvenar through a variety of Activities, and where you can earn Medals. By gaining enough Medals, groups of people can qualify for special Trials, which will reward you with the most precious Team Work badge. By earning more and more of these badges, the Humans, Elves and Elvenar might become a great team that vow to solve future challenges together.

Many Settlement productions require Ascended Goods, which you will be able to unlock early in the chapter, requiring Unurium, which was introduced in Chapter 17. Upgrading and building the settlement itself mostly requires Sentient Goods instead.

To be successful, you will need to have a Welcome Hub. Here, you will collect groups of Humans, Elvenar and Elves, who will then be able to participate in activities in the Element Hubs.
The Element Hubs are a classic production building with four production options, and it comes in four variants - one per element type. You can create Elementals here, which are used in other Element Hubs, but you can also use Elementals from other Hubs together with either Humans, Elves or Elvenar, to participate in different Activities and earn Medals.

You will have to think on your feet: the demand of Elven, Human and Elvenar volunteers within your settlement is constantly changing, so you will have to account for this and switch productions frequently.


Ascended Goods and the Merchant

From this chapter forward, you will have access to a new category of goods: Ascended Goods. The first quality, coming from Marble, Steel and Planks Manufactories, will be introduced in this chapter. Ascended Goods are essential for playing on this chapter's settlement, and will be important in the future as well.

Ascended Goods can only be traded by using the Merchant. The Merchant is a new kind of trader, visiting the Elvenar world. The Merchant gives you access to instant trading. As soon as you finalize a trade with him, you will receive your order immediately, while the Trader offers your goods to other players until he returns. While the Merchant is out, you cannot ask him to do more trades, and you will have to wait until he is back in your settlement.

Deals created by the Merchant will also show up in the regular Trading overview, and other players can accept them, if they want to. They will show an icon signaling it's a Merchant-created offer. Whether another player accepts the Merchant-created offer or not though, has no impact on your own trade with the Merchant.

You will have access to up to five Merchants at the same time, and you can unlock each Merchant by spending a coin or diamond fee, depending on the Merchant. Each Merchant slot will show their current status, the duration of their availability once you unlocked the slot, and the remaining time after you sent a Merchant on a trade route.

Different to other trading methods, the Merchant only accepts specific amounts in his offers. You will need a minimum amount of goods to give to the Merchant, and you will get a specific amount of goods back. The size of these offers depends on your Main Hall level.

With the Merchant, we want to both give you an interesting, new mechanic, but also make trading simpler for players in later chapters.

We hope that Chapter 18 - Team Spirit will give you great fun, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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