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Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur


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After helping the Dwarves and Fairies settle their age-old differences, you reach out to the Elves and Humans again in an attempt to intensify your relationships. The Elvenar are very satisfied that their descendants finally seem to focus on their own matters. To support your development, they call the Constructs and request an upgrade for the Trader to import Unurium. This precious resource is brought directly from Unur, where the Constructs produce this invention-inspiring material in their main settlement.

What the Elvenar didn't expect was that another flying ship quietly followed the Constructs on their journey from Unur, all the way over the ocean - a pirate ship! The pirate captain storms into your Main Hall, takes your advisor hostage and demands that the destruction of his home be stopped immediately.

Can you clear up the confusion and reveal why the pirates went on their journey from a still deserted part of Unur to your city to direct their demands to you? Will you figure out why they see the Constructs as a threat to their home and lifestyle? And most importantly, will your decisions please the Elvenar?

Explore this new Chapter in the story of Elvenar, build a commercial port, and learn more about the three factions of the Traders of Unur, as well as their motives, lifestyle and precious wares! And who knows, maybe you will even learn a valuable lesson on camaraderie in the process!


The Settlement
To set up a successful trading route with the Traders of Unur, you will need to build a Harbor, and the Air Ships of the three factions, each with their own production options. Unurium can be imported by upgrading your Trader - but beware! Since the Trader can only produce one type of Goods at a time, you'll have to carefully select whether you want to produce the Unurium, or Divine Seeds. You will need to plan your productions carefully.

In the Harbor, this Chapter's portal, you can produce Elvenarin Zero by starting a trading process that allows you to exchange Mana, Seeds or Sentient Goods for this useful resource. Elvenarin Zero is required to produce the 3 Trading Resources, Luxurious Luxuries, Delicious Delicacies and Antique Artifacts, which can in turn be used to unlock Technologies, or be traded for one of the other two Trading Resources.

You will also notice that during the development of your Settlement, the most ideal setup will change as frequently as your needs. Therefore, you will most likely focus more on optimizing your settlement for space and efficiency than was needed in previous Chapters. Don't be afraid to sell and rebuild settlement buildings whenever needed.

Ancient Wonders
If you manage to complete all technologies the Traders of Unur brought to your Research Tree, you will get access to two new, special Ancient Wonders:


  • The Dragon Ark rewards you with Sentient Goods for each Storyline Quest you complete and grants Combining Catalysts when opening Mystical Objects in Crafting.

  • The Oracle of Fortune rewards you with Sentient Goods each time you finish a Crafting recipe and produces a number of Royal Restoration each week.

Further additions

With the help of the Traders of Unur, and by unlocking the technologies in the Research Tree, your buildings can develop and increase their production output even further. The Chapter comes with new Culture Buildings and new levels for the Main Hall, Residences, Workshops, Gems-, Elixir-, and Magic Dust Manufactories, Armories, Military Buildings and a new set of Streets.

On top of all that, Chapter 17 adds several new City Expansions. You may obtain 2 new Premium Expansions, uncover 2 new Expansions through Research, and unlock 1 new Expansion when having completed at least 525 Provinces on the World Map. For those who already have completed more than the required Provinces, this City Expansion will of course become available for placement in your city without needing to complete more.

We hope that the Traders of Unur will provide you with more strategic puzzling and are looking forward to hearing your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live releases. The new quests of this Chapter and Expansions may be released with a slight delay, shortly after the new Chapter becomes available.