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Quests Bring back more flexible guest race quests

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Reduce the quest requirements so that we don't have to upgrade every single guest race building to level 4 in order to complete the questline.

For chapter 13 I am greatly disappointed with the quests giving us zero choices of what to build this time as it pretty much removes all strategy if you do them.
Now every player must make exactly 8 GoldSmiths, 4 Trap Makers, 4 pillars, 3 palms, and both temples. There is no option to do fewer upgrades, or place extra buildings and still complete quests.
Level 4 Trap req 500 prestige x 4 = 2,000
Level 4 Gold req 375 prestige x 8 = 3,000
Total prestige required = 5,000

4 pillars= 32%
3 palms =24%
1 temple = 20%
1 temple= 24%
total 100%
Level 4 Portal 2,500 +100% = 5,000
Every previous guest race gave players the choice of building a few max level guest race buildings, or many low level ones (or anything in between) This diversity was part of what made Elvenar great- please bring it back.


1. Make these 3 quests declinable:
Build all 3 Palm Gardens
Build the Temple of Veneration
Build the Temple of Sustainability

2. Change these 2 quests to either "Have 2" or make them declinable
Have 6 Goldsmiths Level 3 Have 3 Trap Makers Level 3
Have 8 Goldsmiths Level 4 Have 4 Trap Makers Level 4

(Optional- increase the rewards for the above quests, making declining them a harder choice)

Possible downsides:
Some players may finish the chapter slightly faster using alternative strategies.
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Hi guys, this is feedback on the Amuni GR rather than an idea for something new. We will process it accordingly. Please keep feedback in the feedback threads :)
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