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Borg Seeking


The Borg Fellowship are currently seeking active players. We are a helpful bunch with simple rules.


*Be friendly to everyone
*Try to help your neighbors and FS members 4X a week (or more)
*Fight or cater in tournaments (even if it's only 1 spot)
*Inform us when you take a holiday (we will keep your place open for you)
*And most importantly--HAVE FUN !!

A list of our team, which their boosts are as follows:

Dr. Who- Steel, Scrolls, Dust
Red Cat – Planks, Silk, Gems
Tatutaro – Marble, Silk Gems
Orubia -Marble, Crystal, Elixir
sile – Planks, Silk, Gems
Denna – Planks, Silk, Gems
Bronia – Marble Crystal, Elixir
Squeak162 – Planks, Silk, Gems
TinaTyler16 – Steel, Crystal, Elixir
Merenwen Anwamane – Planks, Silk Dust
Maggieanne679 – Steel, Crystal, Elixir
celine – Steel, Scrolls, Elixir
overlord90098 – Marble, Crystal, Gems
Azlady1985 – Planks, Silk, Gems
GothicPoohBear – Planks, Scrolls, Dust
NeeneJet2 - Steel< Scrolls, Dust
Paisleygem - Planks, Silk, Dust
mmmm11 - Steel, Scrolls, Dust
WinterSatya - Planks, Scrolls, Dust
King Salad Bar - Marble, Crystal, Gems
tommybob - Planks, Silk, Dust
WinterSatya - Planks, Scrolls, Dust

Total Boosts:
Tier 1 = Marble – 5, Steel – 7, Planks – 10
Tier 2 = Scrolls – 7, Silk – 9, Crystal – 6
Tier 3 = Gems – 8, Elixir -5, Dust - 9