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Implemented [Battle] New Troops To Play Fair


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Thoughts on this Cannon Guy .......
What is the go with the cannon guys that can shoot from one corner to the next...... and we do not have this advantage of a troop like this.... and as if this is not enough we then have a field which is placed in front of us so your unable to move.... so you actually have to walk from one corner across the field then down and eventually back to the same corner along the bottom to be able to attack this cannon guy...... all in single file, fighting as you go so troop loss while these guys shoot you on your walk......is this what you call a fair advantage ...as I would call it ....unfair ..... so give me a worthy troop as well ....or take them away.

Asilanom ^..^


The humans have priests, who have same range and movement and elves have witches who have high movement, attack range and range attack resist. So I'm not sure we will have a new unit. But let's wait for the blossom mage :)


The Humans can deal with them more easily in the earlier stages by just sending dogs which one-hit-kill canon pretty easily and often on the opening move. Elves have to wait for Golem II (and still take heavy losses), then the Sorceress levels the field, then Granite Golem crush everything. As a human the canon are merely bothersome, as an elf they awful to face for a long time.


I have found that Paladins are the most effective against all of the different units that I have faced. The trick is to take out all of the ranged opponents as soon as you can. The cannoneers have low hit points and their troop strength is usually pretty low so a high strength paladin can usually take them out on the first encounter. The buggers that I hate are the Treant II's with 504 hit points even paladins haft to wail on them for several cycles to take them out.