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ATLANTIS seeking new Atlanteans


Hi! I'm Laurelin, archmage of ATLANTIS! We are looking for new members to join us.

What's most important about ATLANTIS?
* everyone can join, no matter how many/little points you have
* no rules, no obligations, just playing for fun
* we communicate mainly in English, but if French, German and Dutch are an option too (if your English is not good enough)
* no need to play a lot, we welcome people who play only once in a while; players are only removed after a least a month of inactivity

Want to join? Send an application to ATLANTIS or send an in-game message to Laurelin (that's me :D ) or to Wonder3278 (mage of ATLANTIS) to get an invite!


Full for now!!
I will leave a notice here when we have a new space!!