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Another Choice


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This must be a fellowship, by that I mean you have one simple rule: Love your Brother/Sister as yourself.
That should cover everything; if not, read Further...

Simply put, if you believe it's your job to empower your "Fellows" as you are able, Please Join the Righteous Traders Guild.

.Details:. All internal trades shall be 2 Star or 1:4 safe trades.
1:4 trades are more safe and efficient way to trade:
Boosted :crystal: player POSTS: (Offer: 400 :crystal: • Demand: 1600 :silk:),
Boosted :silk: player POSTS: (Offer: 400 :silk: • Demand: 1600 :crystal:).
Both players making 1:4 trades to make it 1:1 trading. . These are also:
Boosted :silk: player POSTS: (Offer: 100 :silk: • Demand: 400 :steel:),
. . . . . . . . . . . . .(Offer: 100 :silk: • Demand: 400 :plank:), because (s)he's a :marble: Player.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .(Offer: 100 :silk: • Demand: 25 :elixir:),
. . . . . . . . . . . . .(Offer: 100 :silk: • Demand: 25 :gem:), because (s)he's a :magicdust: Player.
Boosted :silk: player POSTS: (Offer: 400 :silk: • Demand: 100 :magicdust:), not a :magicdust: player,
Boosted :silk: player POSTS: (Offer: 400 :silk: • Demand: 1600 :steel:).
What I don't know if the game will do (I haven't tried):
Boosted :silk: player POSTS: (Offer: 100 :gem: • Demand: 1600 :steel:). again, I don't know if that ratio exists/is allowed.
But, yes, even this, all because the trade(s) are governed by the first offer..

You don't feel you can help? . Don't! . You'll get bigger.

Tournaments: Get those Wonder building KP as frequently as you wish...
Games: Get those special items as frequently as you wish...

...participation breeds rapid growth. . Participation is internally rewarded, and in the Fellowship. . More is explained inside the Fellowship...

Have you seen my position?
I live in a capitalistic society, so I have to ask: Do you really want someone to devalue your currency?. That's what the tyrant has done, He's convinced you that it's fair to cheat your neighbor. .The game has set up a stable economy. . The value of your currency is fixed. . Just like there's 10 pennies in every dime and 10 dimes in every dollar: there's 4 planks in every crystal and 4 crystal in every Elixir. Now, along comes the tyrant and he lies and shows you how to be tyrants too. Probably, to make him/her-self feel justified in cheating his/her neighbor. So, do you really think there should only be 4 pennies in your dimes, or 5 dimes in your dollar?
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Currently seeking coordinator (Mage) with Time Management skills with respect to: Just in time Delivery from multiple outlets.

Seeking a base of at least 10-14 then I'll start balancing Goods unless we get lopsided then earlier.
I look forward to growing with all of you..
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Everybody has delete option and also edit button underneath each post that you put up. I cannot be following you round the forum and making corrections for you as I do have other players to help too so if you need a post editing/deleting please do that for yourself thanks ever so much for your understanding ;)