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after long pause i come to try this nice game


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HI all, my name here is MaximusProximus (Goran), i'm from Serbia, and to be honest, i don't like much this kind of games, i play some similar, and after some time i start to be bored, only game what i play online is WoT, and i see picture of this game on some sites, and think 'why not try, games looks very nice'.
Sorry if my english is bad :)
Be well all, have a good fun, enjoy ;)


never mind for your english, Maximus: for me too, english is not my native language 'cause I'm italian, so I struggle many times but here you'll find a lot of people who are friendly and who help each others. This is the most important thing, 'cause I believe we all are here for relaxing ourselves and not for judging or for stressing ;)
I wish you all a very nice day.
Alessandro :cool: