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New Game Features Add ability to put an event building back in your inventory

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Implement a spell to move an event building back to your inventory, like in Forge of Empires.

In Forge of Empires they have a mechanism that lets you bring an event building back into your inventory (Store Building). You can move things around and then place it again later.

If that existed in Elvenar I could pull obsolete buildings off the map, disenchant them and then have the ability to craft more things.

Events and Fellowship Adventures sometimes offer rewards that are only slightly better than what I have. It isn't worth the effort to get it. But I would be much more motivated to work events and Fellowship Adventures to get new buildings if I could make use of the old ones rather than just deleting them.

Makes it easier to rearrange your city or replace buildings without having to lose your current buildings indefinitely.

Possible downsides
Game balacing/taking away a part of the challenge.
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Clarification about FoE: "Store Building" is a consumable item that can be used ONLY on event buildings. One item per building, no matter how small or big. Amd it's not a very common reward, either.

If it was the same here, "putting half of your city in storage" would not be an issue - most players don't have that many event buildings to begin with, and those who do would not have enough items to do it more than once. Unfortunately, considering how long it is taking them to add the Royal Restoration spell (which seems to be the Elvenar equivalent of the One-Up Kit in FoE), I doubt we will see any sort of "Store Buiding" mechanic any time soon.


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Very good points. Glad you clarified how it works in FoE.
I would not expect this to be an easy to obtain "ability". Having it as a rare reward in events or a chest 2 or 3 prize in an Adventure would make those more attractive to me. As it stands, Adventures and events have less appeal to me than they should since I can't squeeze in new buildings much of the time.


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Could do it with "storage spells," one spell per square of item. Give the ability to craft and earn them from tournament, say 5 per week...

talia el-danen

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I love this idea, I too would like a storage for "Event buildings" only or being able to put them back in inventory, I have event buildings that I have in my city, would like to try other ones, and don't want to lose the ones I am currently using, I don't have enough room to add more than what I have. I have a lot of unused Event Buildings, I don't want to disenchant them, I worked hard to get them and would like to at least try them in my cities. I would like to see it as an earned reward from an event or something that we work towards earning, kind of like the tech tree and knowledge points. Level 1 holds 5 buildings, then you have to gain X amount of points to expand/upgrade to hold additional buildings.


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Przykro mi, że piszę ten temat, ale nie mam tego nowego.
Wynajem pól ekspansji

Proponuję wprowadzenie pól ekspansji wypożyczalni jako dodatkowej opcji poza zakupem. Oczywiście, budynki stojące na takich obszarach będą narażone na zniknięcie, jeżeli umowa najmu nie zostanie odnowiona.


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Elvenar Team
Please remember English only in the Beta forum

Translation =

I am sorry to write about this subject, but I do not have this new one. Rental of expansion fields I suggest you enter the rental expansion fields as an additional option outside of purchase. Of course, buildings standing in such areas will be exposed to disappearance if the lease agreement is not renewed.


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It is a very good idea an although quite equal ideas in the past about temporary inventories failed I hope, that it will come to a successful poll about this one! Additionally I propose to gain a Royal Restoration Spell per Event building that I remove from the town after disenchanting it. It would be nice to Keep favourite buildings (mainly when they are awsome pretty) and to Level them up instead of Recycling them.


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if this idea would ever come close to an implementation it would be nice if it could apply to wonders aswell, some of the wonders became obsolete over the years and are just wasting space in a city (with some limitation of course)


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This idea didn't get the minimum required amount of votes. It will now be archived. :)