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Question Account lifetime without activity


New Member
Hi, does anyone know how long the account will stay alive when I'm inactive? I am having a very difficult time at the moment, but I would not like to lose my city.

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
Well, Construct's cities don't get deleted due to inactivity, but if you do not log for long enough, you might find your city in new (worse or dead) position after you log in again.
To prevent losing it's current position, you might follow Enevhar's advice.

Dorfl the Clay

Well-Known Member
If you've bought diamonds at any time and still have some left, Inno is legally obliged to maintain your account for at least 3 years, but - as @Lovec Krys pointed out - they might move you to another area...


Well-Known Member
Game rules:

§11 Miscellaneous

• Game accounts may be deleted from Game Worlds after 30 days of inactivity. Please note that any Diamonds left on the account will remain on the master account and will not be deleted.