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Discussion A Gateway into the Past


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I am a little bit frustrated by the changes, as that 2% went to the lowest figures. So now we have more chance to get the smallest pieces. While the traders are still requiring it. So it's not an improvement at all. And the reason sounds bs, as you can always merge or trash is you don't need something. But the traders almost always looking for top figures... Sounds fishy...


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with reduction from 5 to 4 , rubis already earn should be increased by 20% , for those as me who are at daily quests and spend all coin to test , we are very disadvantaged and can no more compete in league


Player like to assemble "A rare request" < that is the last 2 request > as it give more

However , that 2 "request" have nearly 100% pop up with the 6th piece
instead of having 2% to get 6th piece
now , we need to assembe 2 no. 5th piece

that is more harmful to that event

if the cup do not give player 2% of 6th piece
the 2 "rare request" should not have the 6th piece or reduce the "nearly always 100% pop up 6th piece" to "50% pop up 6th piece"
the cup and "request" need to balance correctly

meanwhile, I nearly stop playing event even it is less event for the cup, but the "event currency" i spend cup and go to assembel 6th piece is larger more than previous < I get almost 1st, 2nd and 3rd which i need to bring it to 6th >

1 6th piece = 2 X 5th piece = 4 X 4th piece = 8 X 3rd piece = 16 X 2nd piece = 32 X 1st piece

remove that 2% may cost us tons of 1st piece

when it launch it game world, I defeintely tell our fellowship members, do not play that event
we want to have fun/ happiness in return when we play
we do not want to get any return "upset" when we play that event


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I hope I understand it correctly, the 2% chance went to the lvl 1 piece.

"Average cup" before: 0.38x1+0.3x2+0.15x4+0.1x8+0.05x16+0.02x32 = 3.82 lvl 1 pieces
"Average cup" now: 0.4x1+0.3x2+0.15x4+0.1x8+0.05x16 = 3.2 lvl 1 pieces.

3.2 / 3.82 = 0.837...

The value of the cups are reduced to around 84%, while the price is reduced to 80%. Overall not to much changed, just the super high roll got reduced (what is good imo). I haven't played the event so far, therefore I don't know how relevant the lvl 6 pieces are and the evaluation will change, if the lvl 6 pieces aren't desirable.


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This way it looks more clear:

before: 76.4 pieces / 100 coins
after: 80 pieces / 100 coins

less than 5% difference - RNG and strategy will affect results much more than this change.
(RNG)^2 and root(strategy) will affect results much more than this change...

RNG affects: cups, offers in display, reward from offer, Lucky Cards, daily rerroll...
Maybe even (RNG)^5...
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With the cost of one gem from 11.6(6) to 22 depending on which offer you accept, strategy take a significant role even without taking into account lucky draws.
Combination of minimum gem costs with maximum lucky draws possible in return at the cost of missing almost any useful filler prizes will make a huge difference versus any other used strategy.
But inside the group who used this strategy yes, difference would be big due to RNG over RNG.


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If you look at iDavis' site, his table has approximately how many base units are needed for each reward level. It wasn't (last I looked) specific to which items, but what I've seen is if a reward requires 6 of one, 5 of another, and 2 of a third, they just shuffle around which specific item gets each value, but the math portion is the same.

Where? I've gone over the google doc twice, and I can't find it. Are you looking in the google doc, or somewhere else? If in the google doc, where in the google doc?


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I have no clue what you are all talking about and thats fine because Math was never my strong point. I just want to say, though, that I am really enjoying this new event format. Its a fun change to the usual that we get. Im sure Im not playing it in the most efficient way but its still fun! :)

King Luckybaby

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At the moment
I have 5 set buildings

I hope to get at least one more building
Then Moon Vendor would produces everything

Currently - I have 130 chips
We still have 14 days
We'll get some more chips

I'll wait, hope and see


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Does anyone have the wording and reward size of today's (Friday) quest #63 please?
I forgot to record it!


What we need is scissors! :)
So that we can un-merge items to their previous level.
Maybe this could be an extra thingy from the lucky cards?

(Ok, I admit, I have played too many stupid merge games! o_O)
Or use the hammers to break the cube - whatever - to reuse or receive rebate.
I've played other merge games too. There's usually a way out rather than forfeiting the item.


Non ho capito nulla di questo evento ....... Non mi piace

Edit SyreArca:
"I didn't understand anything about this event ....... I don't like it"
(English only on the Beta Forum, please. :))
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