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Fixed [7561] Wonder image in the city after visiting a player owning a wonder


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Each time I visit a player owning a wonder, I can see the image of this wonder in my city (in the mountains behind my city), as if this wonder was built in my city, whereas I did not build any wonder yet.
This image disappears after refreshing.

Here below are some examples :

City before visiting :
Capture d’écran (18).png

City after visiting player 1 :
Capture d’écran (19).png

City after visiting player 2 :
Capture d’écran (20).png

And city after visiting player 3 :
Capture d’écran (21).png

Please note that this happens either with Human or Elven players (I play as Elven).
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I can confirm as well. Though, I kind of like this glitch. :) It is pretty!


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Thank you folks for bringing this to our attention. We're currently trying to reproduce this issue, and would appreciate if you can answer the following 3 questions to help us identifying the problem:
  • Do you have any 'Ancient Wonder' research unlocked?
  • Do you have an Ancient Wonder constructed in your city?
  • Does this happen to you with every visit of another player's city that has an Ancient Wonder?
Thank you!


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1. Yes, I have.
2. No, I haven't.
3. Yes, it does. I tried with three ppl from my fellowship and I always end up having their wonders also back at my city.


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1. Elven Ancient Wonders unlocked, Dwarven not yet.
2. I have no Ancient Wonder built in my city.
3. This happened every time I visited cities with Ancient Wonders so far.


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1. Yes I do, both elven and dwarven. To make this more complicated: I asked 2 dutch players who have a beta account too to check this. One of them sees the image, the other doesn't. Both have chrome, so do I. Hardware acceleration is on. Both didn't research any wonder yet. I have no idea what the difference is between them.
2. No, I don't
3. yes, this also means the human wonders appear in the elven cities

I heard another thing about this. Someone who has built a wonder, sees the image of hiw own wonder in every city he visits. Can't confirm this though, because I don't have built one yet. Maybe someone with a wonder can check this.

image error wonder.png My city after visiting evangelos82 It looks so nice!


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I know we should not make seperate posts all the time when it fits in one. But I have no idea if this is a new bug or part of the same as reported in the first thread. So I replied in a new one.

In my last post I reported that I heard another thing about the image of the wonders. Someone who has built a wonder, sees the image of his own wonder in every city he visits. I couldn't confirm this, because I have no wonder on the beta server.

But we had the update yesterday on the dutch server and I have built 2 wonders there. I can confirm this bug now, because I see my wonders in every city I visit. This is how it looks.
wonder bug.png

It is on the dutch server, not sure if this has been fixed here already. I guess not. Do I have to report it there or is this report enough?


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If you were experiencing this issue, could you please confirm whether you're no longer experiencing it after today's update. Thanks! :)


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Well, the problem is, the game cannot be played on a higher resolution than "low" else it will crash way too often. And thanks to that those buildings do not show. So its hard to tell if the bug is still there or not. :)


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I set the city graphics to high and visited a payer with wonders, can't see them in my own city. Then turned the HA on and with city graphics still on high, visited another player. Still no image of the wonder in my city. So this is fixed.