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Fixed [6678] Performance Issue During Battle


Recently I find that my computer (3rd gen Intel i5 with 8 GB RAM, Win 8) will crawl/frozed during battle (fight encounter). I tried it with Google Chrome (32bit/64bit), UC Browser, and IE - all result in the same crawl/freeze. A sneak peek at the Task Manager shows this

I think thats Chromes's Pepperflash which consume most of the computers resources. It's quite annoying and I can't fight any encounter because of this. Please fix this


Ex-Team Member
Thank you for reporting this to us, Neotoxin. Can you please check which battle graphics quality you have selected, and whether or not you have the hardware acceleration set as active. You can find the status for these in the game settings (bottom right corner, gear icon, then select the small gear icon from the list of options). Do let us know your findings as it'll help us with our investigation.

Additionally, can you please ensure that you're only running one type of Flash Player in Chrome (since Chrome's Pepper Flash and Adobe Flash can cause conflicts between each other). Detailed instructions for how to check and enable/disable plugins in Chrome can be found at this clicky link.