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Fixed [45469] Buildings for dummy


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Game version: 1.185.0-757aa5b-256 (zz1.186)
Game world: Beta 1
IOS version: 17.0.2
Mobile Device: ipad 9th
Account name: Uffauffa
Humans or Elves: Elves
Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always

Current situation:
opening the “settlements“ tab, buildings for “dummy” appear.

Expected situation:
Not to be “insulted” :D

Screenshots of the bug:
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Dorfl the Clay

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@Uffauffa : altough I understand your surprise about the names of those pictures, maybe it is good to know that in the business world the term 'dummy' is a common expression to use for anything that is used as an example of something still to be designed or as a generic term for anything that is temporarely used as 'stand-in' for a not yet available item. So I am fairly sure no insult - personal or otherwise - was intended.. ;) :D:cool:


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Thanks @Dorfl the Clay, I didn't know about this "dummy affair".
To avoid any "misunderstanding" about insults, that was only a joke :D
The real point is that I think it should not appear.

Edit: the good news is that a new race is "at work". Maybe.
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